Taya Gaukrodger, renowned for her soul-stirring rendition of “Oceans” during her time with Hillsong, has entered a new chapter of joy and love as she becomes a mother. Taya and her husband, Ben, are excited to announce the arrival of their precious baby boy, Bo Benaiah Gaukrodger.

Bo made his grand entrance on October 20, 2023, at 8:15 AM, weighing a healthy 9 pounds and measuring 22.5 inches. Described as having “big hands, big feet, and a good set of lungs,” Bo is already proving to be a bundle of joy for the new parents.

The couple took the opportunity to share the inspiration behind Bo’s unique name. Bo, the command form of “go” or “come” in Hebrew, signifies a powerful calling and direction. Benaiah, meaning “Yahweh builds,” reinforces a strong foundation of faith and divine guidance. As for the family surname, Gaukrodger, Taya humorously adds a touch of playfulness, suggesting “GOOD-LUCK ;)”.

Reflecting on the significance of Bo’s name, Taya shared, “In the Bible, names located people, identifying what was going on at the time and were then powerfully spoken over individuals again & again each time their names were called – both good and bad.”

Expressing gratitude, Taya acknowledges, “God has been beyond kind — Bo is such a joy-filled little boy, Ben is the most incredible Dad, and I’m forever ruined in the best way ha. It is all a gift, thank You Jesus.”

Sharing the journey of selecting Bo’s name, Taya revealed, “Ben & I started discussing kids’ names as we needed to start the convo early because he liked traditional names and my name is Taya.” She recounts a divine intervention when she woke up with a strong prompting to google the Hebrew meaning of “BO” and found it to be the command form of “go” or “come.”

Taya concludes with heartfelt words for Bo, “It is an honor to be your parents Bo, we love you beyond X.”

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