Phoenix, AZ (July 29, 2019)
Erica Wiggenhorn is passionate about inspiring Christians to know God by immersing themselves in scripture. With her third Bible study, Unexplainable Jesus: Rediscovering the God You Thought You Knew, Erica digs deep into the Gospel of Luke—exploring the culture, the words, and the life of Jesus.

Unexplainable Jesus was birthed from a frustration that most Bible studies on the market were either watered-down and over-simplified, or were exceptionally sterile and academic. The Unexplainable series is the result, helping readers understand how to have a deep, meaningful study of scripture that engages us—mind, emotion, imagination, and spirit. “Luke is easily my favorite New Testament author,” she explains. “Luke was a doctor, so his writing is extremely detail-oriented, he shows compassion, and he thrives sharing logic and facts.”

Erica thrives in her ability to balance sharing exhaustive research in an engaging and entertaining setting. While many readers may be familiar with Luke, they do not have the understanding of the full setting of the book, including topics such as life in first-century Palestine; the Roman occupation; the Sadducees, who actually benefitted socially and politically from the Romans; how the written and oral Jewish law permeated every aspect of daily life; the travels of Joseph and Mary.

This well-paced book works both for group and individual study, with lessons taking twenty to thirty minutes to complete. The eight-week format has five days of study each, and offers a workable blend of historical and cultural background, textual review, and life application. Thus, in each lesson, the reader is guided through a Bible passage, asked to respond to questions that ensure an understanding of the Scripture, and presented with an opportunity to make it personal. This study also includes a video component of live teaching done by Erica, produced by Moody Publishers.

For someone who’s not yet a believer or isn’t sure, Jesus’ invitation is issued and the gospel clearly explained. For the reader who feels they have already completed countless Bible studies, there is much depth to expand their knowledge. For the one who’s seeking to revive their encounter with Jesus, these pages beckon.

Unexplainable Jesus:
Rediscovering the God You Thought You Knew

by Erica Wiggenhorn
(Moody Publishers)






Who is Erica Wiggenhorn
Erica is a Bible teacher who is passionate about teaching women that God intends every life to be lived with purpose, promise and power. She is the author of the Every Life Bible Study series and loves to see lives transformed by the power of God.


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