Nashville, TN (August 22, 2022)
After kicking off a new series of singles last month, David & Nicole Binion introduce ‘I See Jesus.’ The second single is part of their upcoming song-by-song musical experience telling the story of the person of Jesus Christ called The Revelation of Jesus. The new song is steeped in Scripture as it was taken straight from the first chapter of the book of Revelation. ‘I See Jesus’ tells of John’s breath-taking glimpse of Jesus with words that engage our holy imagination. David & Nicole Binion paint a worshipful picture of Christ’s divinity and supremacy with fresh words that tell age-old truths.

Commenting on the importance of this song for him, David explains that “John had this encounter at the lowest point in his life [after being] tortured and left to die in isolation. John demonstrated the kind of encounters that are possible.”

The new single spurs listeners on to earnestly press into God’s presence, “if you let your heart and imagination see Jesus, every dark day will dissolve at the brightness of His coming,” David adds. ‘I See Jesus’ carries a message of hope that transcends our very real human suffering; John saw Jesus and wrote about it so that we could see him too and be transformed by a whole new perspective of His divinity.

David & Nicole Binion’s upcoming project The Revelation of Jesus includes a new series of singles and live concerts in partnership with TBN around each chapter of the book of Revelation.

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