Augusta, GA (October 13, 2022)
Augusta-based Christian music singer-songwriter and worship leader Daniel Mulkey is releasing his first-ever full album entitled, Real on October 21st.

Inspired by Psalm 107:2, Mark 5:19 and 1 Chronicles 16:8, Real encapsulates the importance of a Christian believer’s testimony, combatting the shame traditional churches struggled with when it came to the topic of sin.

“God has freed us to speak up and share about the love and forgiveness we have experienced only through a relationship with Jesus,” Mulkey said. “When artists, or any believer, says that they too have struggles—that’s when God can break down the wall and truly begin to change lives.”

Mulkey had the idea for the new album when he and his wife noticed a well-known Christian artist having a hard time at a concert they were attending. Mulkey could tell that the artist was trying to keep up appearances rather than publicly expressing the emotion they were feeling.

“When we walked back to the car that evening, I hummed ‘I want to be real,’” Mulkey said. “Thankfully, that artist has since spoken about that night and they were able to get the help they needed.”

Because of the message to open up about struggles so that all can see God, audiences who experienced the album pre-release emphasized how relatable each song was.

Not only is the artist urging readers to listen to his new album, Real, but he is also sharing a widespread call to action for listeners to resist fear and share their testimonies with others.

“The story of redemption is the most powerful message you can share,” Mulkey said. “Only YOU can testify of what God has done in your life. Let Him shine. BE REAL.”

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