London, England (January 25, 2019)
One in three people suffers from sleep deprivation…three out of four feel the physical effects of stress…and one in five suffers from anxiety. In a time when symptoms of stress, anxiety and general life dissatisfaction plague our society, Soultime, a Christian meditation app, is encouraging people to set aside daily moments for spiritual connection and meditation on the Word of God.

The Soultime App has many features designed to encourage and support inner-healing and connection including guided Scripture meditations, Bible readings, classic hymns arranged with soothing instrumentals, ambient sounds like running water, waves and wind, and sleep stories including the classic Christian tale “The Pilgrim’s Progress.”

Possibly the most noteworthy feature of Soultime is the daily “mood-checker” which asks users to evaluate their feelings about God, others and themselves through 24 different key areas. Based on these self-assessments, Soultime curates a collection of Scriptures, readings, songs, and more, to address the root needs of each person, day-to-day.

“Jesus asks us to Love the Lord our God with all our strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. He is making the point that we need to have good connection in each of these areas. Because of this, we look at subscribers’ feelings of connection toward God, others and self,” said Founder and CEO of Soultime Mark Wagner. “Feelings of disconnection are a universal experience; but usually the source is negative and untrue beliefs which are rooted in anxiety, anger, unforgiveness, shame or control.”

Wagner, whose background includes multiple tech startups as well as the development of a Christian prayer ministry at his home church in London, asserts that understanding these feelings is valuable and can bring insight into a person’s inner beliefs. Because our connection to others is regulated by our emotions, if we want to connect better, we have to understand that our emotions are not only an expression of our inner beliefs, but also a gateway to changing them. Soultime aims to help users achieve better connection with God, others and themselves by helping facilitate changes to these inner beliefs.

“Though it can be easy to validate happy emotions, sometimes it’s harder to value the negative ones. Our tendency, especially in the religious world, is to disown or distance ourselves from difficult emotions,” said Wagner. “Soultime wants to help users more accurately identify how anxiety, anger, unforgiveness, shame and control affect our important relationships. However honestly we have come by them, we have seen that through prayer and meditation, God can help us gradually exchange our untrue inner beliefs for ones rooted in His truth.”

The app launched in the Summer of 2018 and has nearly 100,000 downloads to date. The basic version of the app is free. Soultime is available in the Apple App Store and through Google Play.

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