(COLUMBIA, SC, June 22, 2023)
The Big Redd Radio Show, a trailblazing and influential Christian hip-hop radio program, proudly announces it has been picked up in syndication by the iconic Howard University Radio Network. Starting July 2, 2023, the show will air on HUR Voices Sirius XM Channel 141, bringing its engaging content and uplifting message to a broader audience.

“Howard University has long been a beacon of excellence in education, culture, and community engagement,” says Vicci Saunders, Director of Multicast with the WHUR Howard University Radio Network. “We are excited to bring the incredible ‘Big Redd Radio Show’ on Sirius XM 141 HUR Voices to continue that tradition of excellence.”

The Big Redd Radio Show has swiftly solidified itself as exemplary, relatable, approachable, and vibrant, presenting the best in Christian hip-hop, Christian pop, and Rhythm and Praise music. With a syndication network spanning 27 radio stations, including prominent markets such as Tampa, Atlanta, Virginia Beach, and Orlando, the show has garnered a dedicated following across the nation.
“I’m absolutely elated to join The Howard University Radio Network and HUR Voices Sirius XM 141,” says Big Redd. “This partnership propels our mission to touch lives, inspire hearts, and spread a message of faith and positivity to people of all walks of life!”

The Big Redd Radio Show will air on HUR Voices Sirius XM 141 on Sundays at 3pm EST and Tuesdays at 8pm EST.

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