Chicago, IL (April 23, 2021)
Chicago-based Christian hip-hop artist, Sansone, has a dream to write music with intention—to write songs that share stories of his life and how God has always been a part of it, even when he didn’t know it. Sansone has released his debut EP, Way Up Above, which explores the themes of Sansone’s life: The importance of community. Taking a leap of faith. Thinking outside the box. Being a Maverick. Finding hope. Overcoming trouble and pain.

‘The beautiful thing about music is the way it connects with someone through it. Part of my dream is to build a community of people who feel just as connected to one another as they do to the music. That they’d see something more than just songs, they’d find a pathway for community.’ —Sansone

Who is Sansone?
Sansone is a hip-hop artist born out of an otherworldly hope. With an emphasis on spiritual honesty and vocal delivery, Sansone stirs together the styles of conscious and mainstream rap, creating records influenced by the reality of his youth and relationship with God. Moving from house to house with his mother and father in the Chicagoland area, Sansone’s childhood was littered with pain. Drug abuse, broken relationship and tragedy were a constant presence in his family as he witnessed the facility of humanity at a young age. Instead of resorting to anger and despair, he turned to music. He dove into hip-hop after noticing the vulnerability rappers are able to present in their songs. At age 16, he began to write his own lyrics and built a catalogue of tracks displaying his storytelling talent. After losing both of his parents to illness by age 22, Sansone felt that something was missing in his life. After searching, he found that missing “something” in his newfound relationship with Jesus.

Sansone ‘Jump’ Official Music Video:

My new single “Jump” is a more assertive approach to the common “taking a leap of faith” mentality that we have all heard before. “Jump” is an anthem for anyone who wants more than they have been born into…who won’t listen to the lies that have been told to them…and who won’t let circumstances outside of their control define who they are as a person. This song is about making the decision to jumping a better life that God says is there for you…even if you don’t necessarily know what that looks like. “Jump” is really a declaration of both believing in yourself and then fighting for that purpose.

Sansone ‘Maverick’ Official Music Video:

“Maverick” details the unexpected things God has done in my life and is made to encourage the listener that anything is possible with faith and determination. From feeling the weight of needing to write “prescriptions” in lyrics to help people, to letting go of surrendering it over to Him. Maverick talks about the journey I went through as an artist and the change of perspective that happened once the music I was making genuinely involved my relationship with God. Sometimes things happen to us that look just like magic. It’s our faith in God that shows it’s just been Him working in our lives. And that’s how the pressure is taken off of us and puts the praise on to him.

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