Miami, FL (March 26, 2021)
As an homage fueled by nostalgia of times past, CHH artist GAWVI created Noche Juvenil, which translates to Youth Night, to capture the Latino Christian music experience he and his friends wished for while growing up. Consistent with his aim to create a new sonic lane for Christian Music, GAWVI taps into his native culture to bring the change he desires to see in music and faith culture.

This is evident in the newest track from this album, “Dicen,” a Psalm from GAWVI delivered as a worship song in which he vents to God, meanwhile giving Him glory through tension.

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GAWVI’s first full Spanish-language production, Noche Juvenil draws inspiration from some of the most groundbreaking Latino urban artists. Musically, it is “straight-up reggaeton with sprinkles of EDM and trap” that presents an array of exhilarating collaborations with fellow trailblazers like Blanca, Maria Juliah, Madiel Lara, Tommy Royale, and WXLF. GAWVI, who is no stranger to working with friends, dove deep into his Hispanic roots and reconnected with the culture and language that shaped his upbringing.

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“This was my first time singing in Spanish, which was challenging at times, and through this whole process, I found out more about myself,” the hip hop artist and producer raised in Miami, Florida shares unabashedly. “The process to create this album was me moving back to South Florida. I told myself if I ever made an album in Spanish, I would want to be in South Florida and immerse myself in my roots, in the culture. Reminding myself of why I fell in love with reggaeton and I locked myself in the studio and made this record.”

For GAWVI, this record is fun yet distinctive because it symbolizes forward motion from a sonic and cultural perspective. He is consciously aiming to close the gap that makes the younger generation feel unrepresented and without a voice. “The youth are looking for representation and for someone to speak to how they feel.” He cites the lack of fresh representation for newer women in Latin Pop/Contemporary Christian music an example of generational gaps, which he intentionally addresses head on with collaborating with female Christian artists that are paving the way on their own right.

From a faith standpoint, GAWVI explains that his intention with Noche Juvenil was to create a space where people can ask questions and not feel condemned, as they are “trying to figure out how they fit into a complex world and religious landscape.” By retaining the language and textures of his Latino roots GAWVI captures the desire to express honor and love for the traditional Latino church culture while challenging the status quo and a reluctance to progress.

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