Vancouver, BC | Seattle, WA (November 17, 2021)
Carolyn Arends is celebrating the full streaming release of her Recognition project with a free, interactive live-stream concert on Facebook, Saturday, November 20th at 6pm PT/9pm ET.

Several advance singles from the album have already struck a chord, including “Becoming Human,” “To Cry for You,” and “Without Music” featuring Amy Grant. Continuing in the emotional vein, the current single, “Let Love Lead You Home,” features an equally poignant lyric.

“Timing is everything,” notes Arends. “We had already scheduled ‘Let Love Lead You Home’ as the next single when I suddenly lost a beloved uncle. It astonishes me now that it pretty much serves as a play-by-play of the last few days of my uncle’s life. I had written the song based on a poem by my friend, Laura Funk, who had beautifully described her holy work as a hospice chaplain. So we’ve got a case of art imitating life to create the song, and now, life imitating art in the timing of its release.”

On Saturday, Arends and her long-time duo partner Spencer Capier will perform “Let Love Lead You Home” and many of the other songs from Recognition in a free live-stream concert from Arends’s living room. “We’ve been deeply missing the opportunity to play live music throughout the pandemic,” admits Arends. “But the upside of a live stream is that we can connect with folks around the world. We can’t wait!”

Find the live stream on Arends Facebook Page.

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