Vancouver, BC (April 21, 2021)
Canadian Christian music artist Carolyn Arends went for a drive to think about how to best capture a video for her vulnerable new song, ‘To Cry For You.’ Courtesy of her iPhone, the drive itself became the video. Within days, the simple car performance video had been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook, with thousands of people sharing the song in honour of a missed or lost loved one.

Filmmaker THE ARCTIC noticed the chord ‘To Cry For You’ was striking and decided to conduct a video experiment. He invited several folks into a studio and asked them to simply listen to the song, allowing him to record their reactions. The resulting music video—a moving study in the connections between music, grief, hope, and vulnerability—has just been released.

Watch the ‘To Cry For You’ Reaction Video Experiment:

Watch the ‘To Cry For You’ Reaction Video:

‘To Cry For You’ can be heard wherever you listen to music online. It comes from the new full-length project, Recognition. While singles from Recognition are being released one at a time to streaming platforms, the full project is available now.


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