Brentwood, TN/Jacksonville, FL (September 24, 2020)
Integrity Music‘s worship duo Austin and Lindsey Adamec have announced the release of their upcoming project set to drop October 9. Titled Sound of the House, the project offers eight live songs. The project’s third single, “Can’t Deny It,” released Friday, September 18, and is the follow up to the July release of “You Keep Your Word” and the album’s first single, “As For Me & My House.”

Check out “Can’t Deny It” Here:

“Can’t Deny It,” the album’s fifth track, was written from the testimony of one of their church members. Austin shares, “’Can’t Deny It’ is much more than a song. It’s the powerful story of our friend Matt who was adamantly against God, running away with all his might, but the love of Jesus met him in the lowest of places and brought about full restoration to his life and family. It was an undeniable encounter for him and a nearly unbelievable miracle for us to witness. You have to hear it for yourself as he sighs ‘I can’t deny it anymore,’ and the more we replayed his experience and bonafide life change in our minds, the more we identified with that same inescapable love that’s not afraid of our darkest hour.”

He continues, “The back half of the verse says, ‘You saved me, You silenced every hopeless lie they told me, You opened up my eyes to see You’re for me, You made this prisoner an heir to glory.’ It’s deniable. We serve a God who is for us from everlasting to everlasting and we hope this song reminds you of that.”


King Of Glory (Prelude) [Live]
This Is Where I Belong (Live)
You Keep Your Word (Live)
You Keep Your Word (Reprise) [Live]
Can’t Deny It (Live)
All My Searching’s Over (Live)
You’re Not Going Anywhere (Live)
As For Me & My House (Live)


You saw me
In my darkest hour
Mercy found me
You took on all the shame
That I was hiding
You washed away the stains
And called me Yours

You saved me
You silenced every hopeless lie
They told me
You opened up my eyes to see
You’re for me
You made this prisoner
An heir to glory

I can’t deny it
I can’t deny it
This love that’s coming after me
I’ve tasted and tried it
I’m not gonna fight it
This love that’s coming after me

Everlasting to everlasting
I will praise The One whose love
Has always had me
Never-ending, unrelenting
Lord, forever I surrender
To Your glory

Written by: Austin Adamec, Lindsey Adamec & Benji Cowart
© 2020 Integrity’s Alleluia! Music/SESAC, Integrity’s Praise! Music/BMI (adm worldwide at, excluding the UK & Europe which is adm by Integrity Music), Curb Word Music/Howiecowie Publishing/ASCAP (adm by WC Music Corp) CCLI# 7149461

All My Searching’s Over

All my searching’s over
All my searching’s over
Jesus is my answer
Jesus is my answer

Water in the desert
Streams of peace forever
Jesus is my answer
Jesus is my answer

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