NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 14, 2023)
Angel Studios — the platform empowering creators to crowdfund, create, then distribute films and TV series globally with full creative control — will release the Season 1 soundtrack album from its animated fantasy series The Wingfeather Saga on April 21.

Composed by Isaac Horn (The Arcadian Wild), Kurt Heinecke (VeggieTales), and Ben Shive (Award-winning producer), the 31-track album also features collaborations with Andrew Peterson, series star Jodi Benson (The Little Mermaid), and Nashville artist The Arcadian Wild, which serve as the album’s two singles.

“We really wanted the music to be unique to The Wingfeather Saga: organic and handcrafted, but cinematic when it needs to be – just like the animation style,” said author and producer Andrew Peterson. “Kurt, Ben, and The Arcadian Wild, along with Jodi Benson’s beautiful voice came together to make this soundtrack its own work of art.”

Benson, Tony-nominated Broadway star and Disney legend (the voice of The Little Mermaid’s Ariel, Toy Story’s Barbie, and Thumbelina) brings her iconic vocals in her role as Nia Igiby and in the single “My Love Has Gone Across The Sea.”

Led by songwriters Isaac Horn, Lincoln Mick, and Bailey Warren on fiddle, Nashville-based band The Arcadian Wild have roots in formal vocal music, with influences from progressive bluegrass and folk, blending the traditional with the contemporary to create a unique acoustic sound.

“Music is such an important fabric of The Wingfeather Saga and we wanted our soundscape to be distinct and rooted in our Nashville hometown,” said executive producer and showrunner J. Chris Wall when talking about the prominent Nashville influence on the soundtrack.

Track Listing:
1. Yurgens Tune feat. The Arcadian Wild
2. The Black Carriage
3. The Cottage On The Cliffs
4. Stabbish Elbows
5. Chased By A Toothy Cow
6. Watch Your Brother And Sister
7. On The Edge Of The Dark Sea
8. Peet The Sock Man
9. Books And Crannies
10. The Green Of Rysen Hill feat. Andrew Peterson
11. The Fang Slarb
12. Yurgens Tune feat. Romy Fay
13. A Game Of Zibzy
14. A Mysterious Map
15. The Stonekeepeer
16. A Bullyblossom Locket
17. Silver Moonbloom
18. Waiting For Someone
19. Anklejelly Manor
20. The Weapons Chamber
21. Peets Castle
22. Igiby Farm On Fire
23. The Ridgerunner Zouzab
24. Glipwood Jail
25. The Battle Of Glipwood
26. Leaving Home
27. Flight To The Manor
28. Wounds And Healing
29. The Jewels Of Anniera
30. Esbens Letter
31. My Love Has Gone Across The Sea feat. Jodi Benson

Angel Studios’ The Wingfeather Saga, based on the best-selling novels of the same name, is the #1 crowdfunded animated family series in history with more than $8.2 million raised from more than 10,000 investors, all created and produced by Shining Isle Productions in Nashville.

The animated fantasy series wrapped Season One with an epic season finale on March 10th, and will span seven seasons to its epic conclusion as it follows the saga based on the best-selling novels, with over 1 million copies sold. Production has begun on Season Two, with seven more half-hour episodes to release within a year.

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