Nashville, TN (March 12, 2021)
Alex Henry Foster has released the second video/single, “Winter Is Coming In,” from his live triple-vinyl/double-CD and concert film Standing Under Bright Lights which is set to release April 16 and available to preorder now from Hopeful Tragedy Records. The project was recorded live in front of a sold out Club Soda (July 2019) while Foster headlined the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Filled with an intense, sprechstimme-driven opening followed by hopeful-expressed lyrics sung amidst a wash of instrumentation that melt into a quiet, peaceful resonance, Foster wrote “Winter Is Coming In” after wrestling with his own broken childhood, abuses of which he has been a victim, functional depression and thoughts of taking his own life.

“The amount of time I must have spent musing, contemplating, struggling and raging for that song…I was obsessed with ‘authenticity,’ the measure of consciousness it requires to be honest, the nature of redemption, the meaning of being free, contrition, confession, the difference between hope and truth,” Foster shares. He realized the key to the song “wasn’t about understanding the concept of confession and faith…it was allowing those words to loudly carry a burden I was usually holding in the loneliest of all silences…”



I guess in the end, it’s not that much about the truth
But how good we became at turning late night illusions into a bright morning view
It’s never that easy I suppose, to kneel down with a smile
When we kept denying our souls from the magic shining through
(Lyrics from “Winter Is Coming In”)

“Winter Is Coming In” follows Foster’s release of lead single “The Son of Hannah,” which was featured by American Songwriter and labeled “simply fascinating” by a Rolling Stone playlist. “The Son of Hannah” was further featured on multiple Spotify Playlists, including Loudwire’s “Weekly Wire-This Week’s Best Songs,” “Best Of Rock,” plus Post Rock, Dark Folk, Progressive, Noise Rock, Sad songs for hopeful nights and others.

Along with “The Son of Hannah” and “Winter Is Coming In,” Standing Under Bright Lights features every song from Foster’s debut solo album, Windows in the Sky, which hit No. 1 multiple times on the Billboard Canadian Albums Chart, staying in the Top 40 on the chart for a full year after its release. The songs from this celebrated album were re-invented for the live recording as the band performed along with a movie projection produced by Foster.


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