Chart-topping recording artist and songwriter Micah Tyler releases “So Will I” today (Nov. 17) at digital and streaming outlets globally from The Fuel Music. The song is the sixth single from the multi-artist A New Heaven And A New Earth project, which celebrates the beauty of God’s Creation and calls believers to be faithful stewards of the world. The full-length A New Heaven And A New Earth project is slated to premiere June 2024.

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Co-writing “So Will I” with Dove Awards-nominated Garrett Moshier (CAIN), who also produced the single, Tyler drew inspiration for the beautifully crafted ballad from both the Old and New Testaments.

“The hook of the song is a little bit of a play on words from John 3:16,” says Tyler. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. And the world that they’re talking about in that context is the people of the world – that God would love us so much that he would give his son Jesus. That was the jumping off point for me to start looking back and seeing God’s dominion over Creation.

“If you look back at the beginning in Genesis, every time that He would create – the light, the stars, the moon, the oceans – He would say that it was good,” continues Tyler. “If God would love this world, put this thing together and call this thing good, I think there’s a challenge for us to do the same. ‘So Will I’ is just me going, OK, God, I want to make sure I’m worshipping you on top of these mountains that you created and from the depths of these canyons that you carved out. It’s my response to this beautiful world that you call good.”

So I will lift my voice in worship
From these mountaintops
I’ll sing Your beauty
Through the canyons

Echoing it all
Cause if You so loved this world,
So will I

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