Cincinnati, OH (March 6, 2021)
7 Hills Worship has announced the release of its newest single, “Found A Love,” written and produced by 7 Hills Worship, also produced by Colton Price.

7 Hills Worship, is a worship team and ministry of 7 Hills Church in the Cincinnati area. They desire to give the world something to sing along to—songs that send a feeling of positivity, joy and the message of Jesus. They want to make music for everyone, whether it’s the slow romantic love song to Jesus or the 120BPM pop song that gives you a reason to dance and praise. As long as it glorifies God, they want to bring it to life.

“Found A Love” is, and always has been, about the realization that God is, in fact, love. This song is about the discovery of God’s love and the journey to finding it. As a team, 7 Hills Worship discussed how they feel so unworthy of God’s love. They said, “We are all flawed and broken and honestly, undeserving of the gift of grace. Even still, God loves us. He is consistent and He’s never far away. All we have to do to find Him is look.”

Kaelob Mecum, the Worship Arts Pastor at 7 Hills Church, said, “I thought it was really important to talk about how God sees us and is there for us. He’s there. NO MATTER WHAT. When we see ourselves as broken pieces, He sees us as a beautiful mosaic masterpiece. He can take those fragments of our heart and make them into a wonderful picture that is better than before.”


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