Atlanta, GA (August 15, 2022)
“Gospel Rap Is Back” affirms Christian hip-hop artist 1K Phew on stage recently at the 37th Annual Stellar Awards after he and Reach Records label mate and mentor, Lecrae, were awarded Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year for their collaborative album, No Church In A While.

While that album pushed the Atlanta rapper to new heights, landing him press hits from established hip-hop outlets to Christian culture blogs alike, his statement sounds more like an end-game prophecy than a release day promo.

While the debate continues about where CHH belongs in the culture, Phew is on to something. In fact, God has always been in hip-hop. There has always been a connection between the artform and the culture’s belief in divine power.

Ahead of his upcoming album, As I Am, 1K Phew is releasing a series of singles including, “Church House Trap House” featuring his son, 1K Pson, and “The Offering.” On “Church House Trap House,” he rhymes, “I used to wonder why my uncle was in that kitchen where all them pots are/I used to wonder why my Pastor was in that room where all them glocks are!”

In the “Church House Trap House” music video directed by Caleb Seales and Jerrell Lamar, 1K visually takes you to the church which was right next to the trap house. “For me growing up, going to church meant seeing drug deals and shoot outs on the way. Sometimes these things would be happening at the same time service was going on. Because of that environment, I was exposed to a lot of “sin” in or around the church. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, but it’s my experience and a lot of others’ as well. I don’t think it’s being talked about in Christian music, so I feel it’s necessary to bring it up.”

1K Phew’s smooth delivery, swag, and evocative vocals have an infectious quality that is streetwise yet commercially viable. He is focused on a greater purpose which includes creating music that the holy and the hood can feel and relate to. “This new music is informational for the church, but healing for the streets,” he explains. “If you come from the streets, you’ll get it. But if you resonate more with the current Christian culture, you’ll hopefully find context for those doing life outside the walls who wonder if God truly loves them as they are.” For Phew and many of his peers, the Church being next door to the Trap House is not unusual. There was no separation from the Gospel and those who need the Word the most.

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