Marty, GAWVI, Tommy Royale ‘The One With No Discounts’ Lyric Video

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No handouts, had to make it happen
Gotta grace on me and it’s everlasting
I can’t waste no time this can’t be like last year
Heard a lot of talking heard a lot of capping
No handouts I gotta make it happen
No handouts I gotta make it happen
No handouts I gotta make it happen
Heard a lot of talking heard a lot of capping

Gotta one up all these lil rappers
I’m not the same Marty that you spoke to last year
Treating every year like it was my last year yea
And if it was, give my pub to my girl
Jump shot wrist and I hit em with the swirl
I see it in your face, I don’t need to hear a word
This a blessing and a curse I told God that I’ll never go to church
Holy Spirit in me told me not to worry
Told me I was calling you before your birth
So get back on your feet and get to work
You were at your best at my worst

Feelin like a brand new kid
They hit the like, but they go and switch
Marty Mar, where I start?
Rhema Soul days locked in the Stu
Even shared a class up in high school
Remember days dreamin, listen in to Wu
Broward Boys, yea they wanna be crew

I know you tired of the fake
But you already know how we play the game

Many doubted us
Broken promises
Now we hit the road up
Coogie Sweater down
Cops all around
You my dawg till we die yah


Boy this ain’t no handout
We just made it happen that’s on God yeah

This ain’t even
Boy you know a heathen
Been riding since day one
Yea yea yea
In the ville and I’m steady stacking
Never would of dreamed we could make it rapping
Me and Gawvi we’re still selling fashion
Thought my Tesla hands free and then I crashed it
Misfit gang looking at me like whoa
Now the devil looking at me like no
Haters waiting and expecting me to lose
But all we do is win what’s a truce?
Ah capice
Humble beast
But I still got this game on leash

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