James Pringle ‘Immanuel’ Lyric Video

“A very special friend recently lost both of her parents to Covid-19. As her community came around her to support, comfort, and mourn with her in this devastating time, I felt at a loss for words. One friend ended his prayer with “Immanuel!” and that struck my heart. In tragedy and loss, out of all the things that we could possibly find comfort in, surely the most powerful is the promise that God is Immanuel, that He is with us. This is a very simple song I wrote to encourage my friend and anyone else who has lost someone. Take heart, He is with you.” —James Pringle

‘Immanuel’ Lyrics:

In the press, in the crush
In the wait, in the rush
Messy loud, broken hush
You are with us

In the climb, in the fall
Holding on, letting go
When we’re high, when we’re low
You are with us
You are with us

Death will not separate
What can tear us apart
When we’re held in Your love
Your promise will always stand
You will never be far
We are safe in Your love

In the pain, in the grief
In the numb disbelief
When we’re strong, when we’re weak
You are with us

When our fists hit the wall
When our knees hit the floor
When we can’t cry anymore
You are with us

You are Immanuel

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