Today, while sorting through CCM’s New Releases submissions, I came across a submission from a new singer/songwriter from Bluffton, Indiana named Zachary Ochsner. He submitted his first full-length indie album, Big Plans, to us and I’m so glad he did. If you’re anything like me, you enjoy discovering new and emerging artists/groups….and if so, you’ll want to check out Zachary…trust me. It’s really quite good…especially for an indie project. Most new indie artists might have a couple of solid songs and then a batch of others that could use a little refinement, but this debut LP is pretty solid from start to finish. Highlights include “Everything Good To Me” and the title track, “Big Plans.”

Zachary Ochsner’s album, Big Plans, is Best Thing I Heard Today!

Check out the Big Plans Playlist on YouTube:

Check out the Big Plans Playlist on Spotify:

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