Kevin Sorbo is a very busy guy these days. Just how busy? Well, we weren’t exactly sure until we recently got the chance to chat with him just a few weeks after his current film, Let There Be Light (buy tickets), hit theaters nationwide. In fact, we were lucky to just track him down amid his full travel schedule in support of the film that his wife, Sam Sorbo, both co-wrote and starred, along with Kevin’s lead role and additionally as the film’s director. With the Sorbo’s, however, many things are a family affair—appropriately so—and especially at Christmastime. “I’d say my favorite thing is Christmas,” Sorbo happily stated during our brief conversation. That may come as no surprise for many, as we have enjoyed his work over the years in such holiday films as Alone For Christmas (buy), The Santa Suit (buy), Christmas Angel (Hallmark Channel), and his most recent appearance in the form of his voice over in the children’s film Christmas Dreams (watch a special message from Sorbo on Christmas Dreams on this page by clicking “play” above—CLICK HERE for more info on the movie).

We were honored to spend a few moments with Mr. Sorbo as we got to know just how busy an actor-writer-director can be, Christmas traditions, and what’s going on in Hollywood today.

CCM Magazine: We’re approaching the holidays, and we know that you are narrating in a new children’s DVD release titled Christmas Dreams. Is voice over work a new venture for you?
Kevin Sorbo: No, I’ve done a number of video games, about five or six of those. I’ve done voice overs for commercials, and I’ve narrated a couple of documentaries—I’ve got another one coming out next spring as well. To me it’s just a form of acting, in a way. Take the video games, for example, they actually have a director in another room while you’re in this little soundproof room with your headphones on. They let you know, “Okay, this is what’s happening before,” or, “This is where your mood is,” they direct you just like you’re actually on film as an actor. Actually, I just did [a voice over] this morning for two hours on this program for the Breathe Bible through Tyndale Publishers. It’s fun, I enjoy it. I don’t have enough time to do it now because of life and everything else, but when I was growing up all through high school and college and well into my twenties I used to read an hour a day just for diction and projection—a sort-of a practice routine.

CCM: We’ve been so impressed with your on-screen work, we didn’t realize all of the varying types of productions you’re involved in…
KS: I like to mix it up. I do a lot of speaking events as well, which started about six years ago. I have had a book out called True Strength (buy). I have a follow-up that’s almost done to be called True Faith, which will come out early next year. I do probably anywhere from fifteen to twenty speaking events a year across the country. I just did two in the last week, plus I’ve been on the road here lately doing promotional work for Let There Be Light, so it’s been busy. I just got home late last night. I get to be here for three days and I’m on the road again all next week doing more publicity for the movie.

CCM: Before we get into more movie-talk, what’s some of your favorite things about Christmastime?
KS: Well, I love decorating. In fact, I’ve already decorated. I guess I started doing this off-and-on over the last four weeks. I’ve come home, and I got two days here, so I’ll put some stuff up and I come back a week later. So, I’ll put more stuff up then…I’d say we’re probably about 85% decorated right now. At nighttime, I just like to turn off all the lights except the Christmas lights that we have around the room. We have two trees. One up in the foyer for when you enter, and another one in the living room. I love it. I’ll keep it up until probably the second week of February and then we’ll take it down.


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