It’s been a busy couple of weeks since Thanksgiving and I haven’t had a lot of extra time to scouring streaming and YouTube for new songs or artists for this blog. Well, that and most of the new music coming out has been Christmas music. Thankfully, I came across this singer/songwriter and worship leader from Brisbane Australia.

James David William has a very unique sound. He’s not your normal story-telling acoustic/folk singer/songwriter. If you’re a fan of Mark Heard, John Mark McMillian, John Mark Pantana you’re probably going to like this. If I can imagine David Bowie or Peter Murphy (of Bauhaus) sitting down with a guitar and playing a bunch of slower, intimate worship songs…it might sound like this. You should check him out.

James David William’s new song, “‘This I My Communion'” is Best Thing I Heard Today!

Check it out on YouTube:


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