One thing I love about working for CCM is that I get a lot of unsolicited music review requests from new and virtually unknown artists. Sometimes checking out new music can feel like a chore, but other times it’s a downright joy….especially when I get to hear the future stars of Christian music before most of you know who they are.

I never heard of Adam LaVerdiere until today when I got a message from our website “Contact Us” link. Adam is the worship director at Central Church in Augusta, Maine. His debut album project, This Is Revival, is full of some really infectious pop worship that should generate attention on Christian radio. The title track, “This is Revival” released in late December and already has nearly 45K on Spotify alone. The full record releases Friday, January 10, 2020.

Adam LaVerdiere’s song, “This is Revival,” is the Best Thing I Heard Today!

Preview “This Is Revival” here:

OR…watch the lyric video here:

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