CCM: We all have our own pressures at work, but most of us don’t have our own dad as our boss…any unique pressures there?
I think it’s just more of wanting to impress him, than anything else. Sometimes I try to do different stuff to get his attention, to get a reaction.

JR: Sometimes I’ll be in mid-song or mid-singing, and I’ll look at Jeremy or someone on stage and think, “That was good.” Sometimes he does get a reaction out of me. I know how talented he is. The coolest thing about him being in the group is that he earned it. We looked at the other two drummers very closely, but Blaise worked hard for it. He wants to be in music, so I don’t think I add any more pressures on him, just because he’s my son. His brother, my middle son, wants to be a veterinarian. The youngest son wants to be a cage fighter [laughs]. I love the fact that Blaise drives himself musically, but ministry is his true focus. It’s really cool.

CCM: Most people your age don’t have full-time jobs, especially ones that are in the public eye. Are there things that you feel like you miss out on?
The only thing I think I’m really missing out on would probably just be sports, but I’m not really huge into sports, so I guess it’s a trade off. I think that what we’re doing is such a unique thing, to be able to travel around and get to meet so many people, I wouldn’t stay home if I could. I’d rather be out on the road.

CCM: What does school look like for you?
Homeschool—my mom is actually my teacher. Me and my brothers are all homeschooled, [laughs], “bus” schooled.

JR: My wife is our tour manager too. I’ve traveled with my wife and three kids since we got married. So, all three of our kids have been on the road since they were six-weeks old. Jeremy’s wife and kids also travel. Josh’s wife and kids have traveled, and so on.

CCM: How much of your new single “Found” was written about your experiences growing up?
Jeremy and I wrote that along with Daniel Doss, but for me, it’s two-fold. I was a drug addict, it’s been highly publicized, and everyone knows that part of my story. But the part they don’t know is that even after getting saved and God walked me out of that world, the battles ensued.


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