Relient K shows some major love by counting down their five favorite tunes from fellow singer-songwriter-rockers and friends, Switchfoot.

Through nearly two-decades of creating thoughtful alt-rock, Switchfoot and Relient K have fostered massive audiences of of loyal listeners. But the fellow rockers also happen to be long-time friends and big-time fans of each other’s music. So in honor of sharing the stage on this fall’s Looking for America Tour, Mister Matt Hoopes, one-half of the Relient mastermind, counts down his favorite songs from Switchfoot’s nearly two-decade discography exclusively for CCM Magazine.

Bonus: And if five tunes doesn’t satisfy your craving, Hoopes is gifted us access to his personal Spotify playlist of Switchfoot faves—jump to Page 5.

5. “Let That Be Enough” – from New Way To Be Human (released 03/11/99—buy)
This is an old one, but has always been special to us. This song makes you feel small and it feels “human.”

CLICK “2” FOR “THE SHADOW PROVES THE SUNSHINE” (Hoopes’ Spotify playlist on Page 5)

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