Musically, I’m not sure. We may do a forth single off Followers (buy). We may put out the song “Afraid” just because we feel like it.

CCM: That’s our favorite song off of Followers.
MD: It just feels like that’s the message everyone needs to keep beating over their own heads. We’ll be working on music. No plans to disband or anything.

CCM: Well, that’s good.
MD: Although, if we’re ever on that slow and downward trajectory, someone make us stop. I don’t want to milk this thing until it’s dead.
Mike Donehey, Tenth Avenue North, CCM Magazine - image
CCM: [Such as] Decade The Halls Vol. 8, The B-Sides… So, before that one comes out? [Laughs]
MD: Pretty sure about that. [Laughs]


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