CCM: Guys in Christian bands?
MD: Yeah. The blog addressed this little analog clock to be used in my bunk so that I wouldn’t bring my phone to bed and be tempted to look at porn. You wouldn’t believe how many people told me, “I’m never listening to your music again, because I can’t believe…” …and it never stated that I, myself, looked at porn. It said, “I’m doing this as a safeguard so that I don’t look at it.” What people took out of it was, ”Well you must want to look at porn. Therefore, you’re not a man of God because you want to do this evil thing—so I’m never listening to your music again.”

The thing is, we’ve lost the ability to be honest about our humanity and our struggle. It’s nothing new. The Israelites, they wanted a king. We just want this glowing leader to take us to God. God’s going, “No, I’m going to give you my Spirit instead.” We’re like jars of clay to show that the power is not from us, but from Him.

As an artist, this is another question I have: How do I paint my life on social media? Am I actually making people believe that they’re a lost cause because I paint my life so perfectly? Or, the flip side, I make it all about my struggle and all about my failure, and then they just feel like there’s no hope? Honestly, this is the thing that kind-of wears me out about music—that perception is everything. You want your career to grow, but you have to put out a perception that you’re so much bigger than you really are.

But, in the kingdom, I feel like the goal is to make yourself smaller. John the Baptist said, “I must decrease, He must increase.” Yet, right now—even in the Church—the message I’m hearing is, “More God, more God, more God. Expand my territory. Expand my ministry. Expand my ‘this.’” I go, “John wasn’t praying that.” People his ministry over this. Yet he still said, “I must decrease.” That’s my only objective here, people. Let Christ increase.


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