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Between solo, Stryper and his other band Sweet & Lynch (with guitar great George Lynch), Michael Sweet has thus far released an astounding seven studio albums in this decade alone, and no matter the category, he always evokes the hunger of an artist who still has something to prove.

It’s a pretty impressive approach considering he could easily coast on more than 10 million album sales, MTV airplay galore, Dove Award-winning and GRAMMY-nominated status, plus a stint co-singing and guitar slinging for classic rock legends Boston. Nonetheless, he’s diving right back into the well of inspiration on his seventh individual offering, One Sided War (Rat Pak Recordsbuy), which is already becoming a cornerstone of his catalogue thanks to a guitar-charged fusion of hard rock, metal and melodies galore, accompanied by a striking album cover reminiscent of a still shot from The Passion Of The Christ. CCM Magazine recently sat down face to face with Sweet to catch a closer glimpse from the front lines of battle.

CCM Magazine: You might hold the record for churning out the most records in the 2010s so far. How are you maintaining this streak at such an optimal level?
Michael Sweet:
The record for most records (laughter). It’s just my personality to take on as much as I can these days, though I don’t know why. I don’t pass up opportunities and I have the energy to do it, but I think I drive everyone around me crazy. I know I do. My daughter, my wife, my dog, my cat all wished I would not take on another project. And I’m starting on another new project in a few months with George Lynch [Sweet & Lynch, Dokken, Lynch Mob]. That’s what I mean. Instead of saying, “Hey, let’s wait a year,” it’s like, “Yeah, sure, let’s do it in two months,” so it’s just who I am right now. I can’t really explain it. I have this drive to want to do it all, whatever all may be.


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