Things are smoother, faster and better. I’m not referring that to Stryper. I’m just saying working with other musicians—studio musicians and what not—it’s great to work with the best because you get the best. After doing the Sweet & Lynch album and working with the best, I wanted to do the same thing on this solo album. Not that I didn’t do that before—on the last solo album I worked with Kenny Aronoff [John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, Chickenfoot], who’s one of the best drummers—but I just really wanted to go the extra mile. I got crème of the crop guys: Joel Hoekstra [from Whitesnake and Trans-Siberian Orchestra on guitar], [“East Coast shred-master”] Ethan Brosch [also on guitar], Will Hunt [from Evanescence on drums] and John O’Boyle [from Tom Ingram Band and Screaming Souls on bass]. Those guys are just stupid-good and everything was perfect. You just call them up and say “absolutely brilliant.”

CCM: What do you hope the public is going to take away from this record?
My goal is always to inspire people, encourage people and help people. That’s always my desire when somebody hears a Michael Sweet album or a Stryper album. And then you hear a story two years later like, “I was going through a tough time and I heard this song or album and it helped me through it,” or, “It changed my life. I used to be a drug addict now I’m a pastor.” Stories like that really make it worthwhile. It puts meaning to it instead of being just a rock band cranking amps, playing loud and running around. That’s fun, but there’s no real depth to it. When I hear stories like that, it gives it depth.

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photo: Andy Argyrakis

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