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It’s always been chic to promote and support the ideology of “girl-power.” Born in the ‘70s, I wasn’t around for “Flower Power,” but by the time Spice Girls came around, I knew that it was essentially a recycled product. I’m not diminishing the need for strong women or gender equality, but power without purpose can only get you so far. Expounding on purpose-driven ambition, Inside Edition national correspondent, NFL reporter for CBS, actor, wife, and mother Megan Alexander now adds author to her long list of accolades with the release of her book, Faith In The Spotlight: Thriving In Your Career While Staying True To Your Beliefs (Howard Books, Aug. 29, 2017—buy).

As if it’s shouting from the mountaintops, Faith In The Spotlight fills a void that Alexander is more-than equipped to voice. Digging much deeper than just a self-help or winning-at-time-management-reader, Alexander’s intents for Faith In The Spotlight is to be a game changer for women, while becoming an agent for much needed change in Christian culture’s traditional approach to women’s roles, and the overall pursuit of excellence. In fact, the themes and messages therein aren’t limited to gender, “I also wanted [this book] to be for both men and women, but certainly believed there was a need for it, and so I set out to write it,” said Alexander as she answered interview questions from her limo en route to the airport (or had she just landed…it’s really hard to keep up with her these days!).

“At the end of the day, my boss hired me because I’m a good reporter. Period. It’s not due to anything else. To be a little blunt, I think a lot of Christians have the tendency to sit back, pray about it, and think, ‘Well, if it’s the Lord’s will, I’ll get there.’ No, my philosophy is, ‘Lord, I’m going there. Shut that door if you don’t want me to do this. Slam that door shut, because otherwise, I’m barreling ahead.’” It is with this attitude that has crafted Alexander’s foray into authoring—and everything that she pursues—all while fixing her eyes on Christ, and a faith uncompromised by ambition and success.

CCM Magazine: What was the start of this book for you—something birthed out encouragement from fans, or something that you’ve always wanted to do?
Megan Alexander: Well, it was a little of both. I am thankful for my parents that raised me to go after anything in life, encouraging that, “I can be anything I want to be.” But being raised in the church my whole life and attending Christian schools—K-12, on through to attending a Christian college—I always felt a little malnourished, if you will, in the context of encouragement for women who have big dreams, goals, and ambitions.

I ran for student body president for a Christian college, Westmont College in California, and had these big career goals and ideas, but I often believed that in the church and in Christian circles they are still not totally sure what to do with the ambitious, working woman. I think some of it is tradition, some of it is culture, and some of it is generational. Although she received a Master’s Degree and certainly went after a lot of things, my mom was a stay-at-home mom, so, some of that is definitely generational.


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