I got to a point where I felt under-equipped. I am in my mid-thirties. I don’t necessarily feel like I have a wealth of wisdom, but by gosh, there comes a point when you just have to say, “Okay, Lord, are you looking to me to do this? Okay, well, here we go!” Isaiah 6:8, Here I am Lord, Send me. I drew on biblical examples of people who also didn’t feel equipped for a task, so that became the foundation and vision for the book.

I also began to feel the need to reach other ambitious women that love the Lord, want to serve Him, and yet still go after their dreams. Men certainly have great options, and I, as a female, have read a lot of those books, whether it’s John Maxwell or many like him that write about male leadership. There are so many choices, but to this day, not a lot for women. We certainly have our Beth Moore Bible studies, which I do, and I have done her studies in New York City with other female friends in the industry, but you don’t typically find those laced with strong, female career-minded subject matters in them.

Confirming that need, along the way I would eventually have conversations with people, and was specifically cheered on by girls that are currently in college and want to remain single for right now. They want to go after their career goals in this season, and they feel the same I felt at that time in life.

Just recently, I spoke at a women’s business luncheon in California and a lot of the ladies that came up to me afterward admitted, “Our church did not think this luncheon would be well attended—when it was announced that you would be the speaker, they just didn’t think there would be a lot of women interested in this.” The luncheon was sold out. I think my gut was right: Women in the church are hungry for something like this, and there you go. I set out to write the book, I wrote it myself, got a really good editor, and it was a two-year labor of love.


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