We have this one story, the Gospel, that we get to retell in so many different ways. Being a storyteller in Christian music is such a gift! God moves through Christian music daily, and I know it because he moves through it and speaks to me.

CCM: I love hearing how excited you are! Do you have any cool stories about making Unstoppable?
MM: I am—I’m so excited! It’s really so cool for me. The first co-write I had for this record—and I’d never done a co-write before in my life—was with Pete Kipley. I didn’t know who Pete Kipley was, and I show up, I’m talking to him about all the albums I love, and he’s like “Well, I got good news for you… I recorded all those albums!” He recorded “I Can Only Imagine” from MercyMe, you know? It’s crazy! He did all the Phil Wickham albums, and the last Matthew West record that meant so much to me.

And he was like, “Wait a minute, you’re in a metal band, and you like Matthew West?” And I was like, “Yeah, it’s the truth. I’m not trying to be someone I’m not!” So he said, “Okay, we should go to Matthew’s house right now.” So we got in his truck and he took me to Matthew’s house—I can’t make this stuff up!

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So we show up and knock on the door, Matthew answers the door in his basketball shorts, and Pete’s like, “Matthew, you gotta meet this kid.” He brings me in, and Matthew wants me to tell him my story. So I tell him my story and he says, “I wanna be part of this co-write too! Can we reschedule for a few days and I’ll come be on this with you?” My heart was racing! Three days later, we meet and write this song “Until I Need You,” which is about my story of brokenness and how God was so faithful through all of that.


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