I don’t really know how that looks, so I just take it one day at a time. But one thing after another, God has been so faithful.

CCM: What’s it like creating music for two completely different audiences?
MM: It’s funny, because from an outside perspective it seems so crazy, like I’d have to have a split personality or something. But for me it’s not like that at all. I’ve created a career in heavy music, and I do it so much it feels so normal to me. But at the same time, the music I listen to is Matthew West and Phil Wickham. I would say if one of them flowed more naturally it would be Christian music because it’s such a big part of my life. At the heart of it, they’re two totally different genres, but I’m the same person… a child of God that loves to share hope through music.

CCM: We can tell you’re so excited to be here! Can you say more about how Christian music has impacted your life?
MM: When I was growing up, my dad was a pastor, and my mom is an incredible woman of God, so… it’s what I was allowed to listen to? [Laughs] I knew no differently. For me going to see dc Talk sell out an arena… I thought they were the biggest band in the world. I didn’t know who U2 was, you know? It was who I was, who I am.

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As an adult — and especially spending as much time as I do in dark places with the band, going to a lot of grimy rock clubs and playing secular music festivals—when I go home I have Christian radio on in the car. I spend so much of my life pouring out, and Christian radio really speaks life back into me.


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