My entire career I’ve had one goal: to convince the world that a man rose from the dead. That’s it. Whatever tools it takes—songwriting, humor, book writing, blogging, Facebook. A lot of people are listening on Facebook now and that’s why I will not do anything political. You wrap a flag around the cross and you make a moot point out of both of them. There is one Kingdom I’m concerned with, and it ain’t America. I love America and I’m going to vote, but my goal is, through whatever means possible, to try to convince people that a man rose from the dead. That’s it.

CCM: How do you address the tricky business of politics, from a spiritual perspective?
Well, I already know the right side of thinking. And I’ve met Christians on the left side of thinking. There are saved Democrats, no matter what anybody else thinks, and they love Jesus, and that’s why they become Democrats because they believe that’s what Jesus would do. I used to get Jerry Falwell’s Christmas card and Tony Campolo’s Christmas card and put them side-by-side on my refrigerator, knowing that both of these men love me and both love Jesus. Yet they come to separate political conclusions. That’s the reason I don’t trust politics. I trust one thing, and that is a man rose from the dead. That’s my message.

My heart breaks for people who [use politics] because you lose half your crowd. Are you trying to make them Republican or Christian? What’s your point?

CCM: Spirituality is the umbrella which we place everything under, including our politics, including whatever cultural issue or topic. To keep our eyes on spiritual things, right?
Jesus said, “I told you I’ve got sheep you don’t know about.” Well, look for them and quit trying to shoo them away. Don’t hear me say I’m not proud of my heritage. Let me tell you—they got His name right, and if they did nothing else but get His name right, I will be forever grateful. And they handed me the word of God. They got their fingerprints all over it. I spent my life wiping off the fingerprints, but they handed me the truth, and the more I explore that truth, the more I find out Jesus is very nice. Anybody who loves you enough to die for you is on your side.

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Don’t believe anybody who tells you God is mad at you. Do not believe anybody who tells you you’ve got to do this, this and this before you come to Jesus. Come as you are. That’s what I did, and I ain’t finished yet.


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