Listen, I am a sinner. A man who says he has no sin is a liar. It’s not us and them; it’s us and Him. We’re all in the same boat. We’re all just a pack of freaks trying to find our way home, just like everybody else in the Bible but Jesus. King David, if he’d had Prozac, we’d never have the Psalms. He was up one Psalm, down the next, up one Psalm, down the next. “Oh God, you’re wonderful. Oh God, kill me!” He was just like us, and broken pots spill more water. If he’d had Prozac, look what we would have missed.

CCM: We would have missed life. It is in the art of being alive where I feel like God intersects with us…
…and they make the best stories. I cannot remember jokes to save my life. When anyone asks me, “You heard the one about…,” my brain tunes out. I can look you right in the eye, but be thinking about a million different things until you laugh at your joke. Then I will laugh and pretend I was listening. But if you come up to me and ask, “Did you hear what happened to me today…,” I’m all ears.

CCM: I wanted to ask you about the song “How We Love.” I love this lyric: “Sometimes we forget / Trying to be so strong / In this world of right and wrong…
… all we have that carries on / is how we love.” I have this retreat at my home for people who like to think outside the box. Cynthia Clawson was there, and she sat down at the piano and started playing this song. Well, when she started playing, I felt my head tilting. I call it hearing from home. I know when I’m hearing from home, because 1 John says, “You have no need that any man teach you. You have the spirit of God living in you that will lead you into all truth,” and I trust the spirit in me. And I know when I’m hearing from home. I know what sounds like my Father.

Paul asked the question, “Can good water and bad water come out of the same fountain?” Yeah, it sure can, because I’ve heard it. I’ve heard it when my pastor got up and he rung the bell, and I’ve heard it when he was just off on a tangent. I don’t critique it over lunch, but I just know, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. And I know when they’re right. I know when it’s full of love and grace and mercy.

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CCM: You talk about hearing from home, and I think, have we lost the trust in the Spirit? We work so hard to control the Spirit in everyone else’s life.
Let me tell you what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to turn the light on. Because when you turn the light on, everybody can see from where they are seated what they need to get.


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