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Part of CCM Magazine‘s The Conversations Issue (Dec. 1, 2017), CLICK HERE for Andrew Greer’s intro to this issue | With all of our Googling, texting, instant messaging, Instagram’ing, Snap Chatting, Facebook Live’ing, and Face Timing, among others, it’s no wonder that slowing down enough to peacefully share a meal—in the same room, face-to-face, with no distractions—just for the sake of it, is now and unfortunately a bit of a novelty these days.

And although they might not completely buy in to that notion, the recent collaborative efforts of singer-songwriter-comedian extraordinaire Mark Lowry and artist-author Andrew Greer offers to shine a big, bright light on a practice that’s growing ever increasingly dim. But rather than perpetuating its current oddity in typical American homes—and even in church settings, of all places—the intentions and invitations of Lowry and Greer are made loud and clear right from the get-go…

“…there’s one seat left at the table, and it’s yours—come join the conversation,” states Lowry, with a familiar and welcoming grin, upon every introduction to each Dinner Conversations with Mark Lowry and Andrew Greer (subscribe) video Podcast episode. “Funny,” one might say, “But, don’t I need a laptop or a phone to watch these—is this defeating the purpose?”

As you will read, the point of it all is to listen, learn, and to be moved to participation—and if it takes just one more YouTube session or Podcast download to foster a genuine, engaging, and meaningful conversation to happen in only one home, it will have been worth the effort for this seasoned singer and aspiring artist. CCM Magazine Managing Editor Kevin Sparkman joins this unlikely pairing at the table…it’s now time for you to pull your chair just a little closer.

CCM Magazine: Can you give us an idea of how this whole Dinner Conversations thing got started?
Mark Lowry: Because of you at your magazine. Celeste Winstead called me and said that y’all wanted to do this, or it was her idea—she may have forced it on you, I don’t know how it happened? I went over there to the studio, and I loved the setup—the two chairs facing each other…it was intimate, and [Andrew Greer] asked really good questions. I thought the interview was good.


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