CCM: Wow. How many years have you been doing this now?
Manafest: I think since around 2004. It’s been about 12-13 years, over a decade, for sure.

CCM: Do you have a favorite release from within your catalogue?
Manafest: There’s always a favorite. The Chase is definitely one—I still think it’s my fan favorite still. Stones, though, man…everyone’s freakin’ out about it! Finally, I feel like I delivered.

CCM: A few years back, you wrote a book. I know of a story in which the book helped a pastor-friend’s teenaged son deal with fear and bullies at school…
Manafest: Yeah. I put that book out around 2013. That was kind-of like the bridge between the Fighter album and The Moment. When I released Fighter, that became the theme, and I came up with this saying, “A fighter isn’t someone who never fails, a fighter is someone who never quits.” I was really devouring books on the road, because it’s just like, “Hey, what do I do with my time when we’re driving or flying?” That really changed my life. During the shows, on the off days, I’m sure you remember me going to the thrift shops trying to find books.

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CCM: Yeah!
Manafest: These books were really changing my life. I bought a lot of self-help and inspirational stuff to keep me motivated, because sometimes it’s not easy. So I felt like, “Man, maybe I should write a book to try and inspire people,” because they were inspiring me.


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