With my daughter London, I can see the impact I’m having on her—and she’s having an impact on me—and how special all of that is. I can’t even imagine ever leaving her or anything like that. The full recipe wasn’t there for me, but that doesn’t mean God can’t be the Father to the fatherless, and I know He was for me.

CCM: Anything specifically about Stones that you want people to know?
Manafest: Well, it is out. People can get it with free shipping worldwide, which is pretty awesome, if you go to Manafest.com/Stones. That’s something really special we’ve been able to do without the label so that we can just get the music out to as many people. It’s just $10 bucks, free shipping worldwide, man.

CCM: Free shipping worldwide, are you serious?
Manafest: Yeah, yeah! It’s crazy. It actually makes sense.

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CCM: With the new release now under your belt, what does this current and into the next season look like for you?
Manafest: Raising a daughter and being with my family. I’m trying to hit the next level of my music career and kind-of cross over to more mainstream stuff and to go on bigger tours and continue to grow. As I’m growing my family, I want to grow my music career—trying to jump to the next cliff. I feel like I’m still on the climb, whether I fall or not, I’m always going to be growing.

About Dango | Dango is a professional musician living in Nashville, TN. Over his fifteen years in the music business, he has built a diverse resume as a highly sought-after drummer, garnering calls from A-level artists and bands across genre lines. He currently plays for multi-platinum selling and GRAMMY-winning artist Scott Stapp (Creed) in addition to the pioneering worship band SONICFLOOd. Dango studied under legendary drummers Chester Thompson (Genesis, Phil Collins, Ron Kenoly) and Brian Fullen (Allies, Bob Carlisle, Peter Frampton) at the vaulted Belmont University School Of Music in Nashville, TN, receiving a bachelors degree in Commercial Music Performance. Among his varied credits, Dango has hit the skins with RED, FireFlight, Superchick, ManafestScarlet White, Tricia, Phil Joel, Chris Rice, Warren Barfield, Tommy Walker, Brian Campbell, and Amber Pacific. In 2007 Dango launched a missions organization called Resound Living to amplify Jesus Christ in the music industry. Furthermore, Dango regularly enjoys speaking at conferences, camps, and churches. He and his wife Brynn serve in worship ministry at their local church in Nashville. For more, please visit DangoEmpire.com

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