by Matt Conner

If you want to not only get an early start on an artist to watch for 2019, we’ve got a special holiday surprise for you. Mallary Hope might be a new artists in Christian music circles, but she’s a seasoned country pro who now feels called to spread the gospel with her music.

Mallary’s got a full slate ready for the new year, but she’s also given us a gift with her new holiday single, “Christmas Is All About You.” We recently sat down with Mallary to tell us about her joy for the season and where the new song came from.

Check out the new song and read along to her story below.

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I’m so excited about the song “Christmas is All About You.” I love Christmastime. I already have my Christmas tree up with all of the decorations and it wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but I am very excited about the holiday. It makes my house so cheerful. What’s funny is that I saw Natalie Grant post that she put her tree up last week, so I convinced my husband that it was time. Thank you, Natalie!

This song is a reminder about how much we all love Christmas. Everything that Christmas brings is beautiful. Everyone is cheerful. We’re giving. There are the trees and the snow. It’s just such a fun family time. My co-writer and I sat down to write this song and I said that I wanted to write something about how great Christmas is while also remembering that Jesus is the reason for the season, as we would say at my church growing up. That started the song. I wanted to say, “I love this and that about Christmas, but God please keep on the forefront of my heart that this isn’t about stockings or Santa. This is about the gift that You’ve given us through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Don’t let me get lost in all the wonder which is all around.”

We debated writing it because I didn’t want it to be a negative thing. Christmas is amazing. I didn’t want anyone to feel bad for loving Christmas, so hopefully it says all of that in the right way, that it’s all about God’s gift of Jesus.

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