There was one night in particular that quickly became one of my favorite moments in worship. About 100 people were crammed into a tiny room and with all of our hearts we were crying for God to awaken America and cause the greatest harvest we have ever seen. Suddenly a spontaneous chorus was sung that rung in the hearts of everyone there and for the rest of night we sang as loud as we could, “WE WILL WALK, THE UNPAVED ROADS. WE WILL GO, WHERE YOU GO! To the hardest and darkest we will go. Casting out our nets, into the harvest.”

3. A personal favorite worship experience for me was when we did out first outdoor evangelistic event at USC in 2012. I was questioning whether or not presence-centered music would translate to unsaved people. Would crowds gather? Would crowds leave? What would happen if the gospel was sung intentionally outside of the walls of the church for people to encounter God’s incredible love?

I remember looking out at a field of about 1,000 people thinking, “God, you want these people. You came and gave your life for these people.” As soon as we sang the first note, you felt the presence of Jesus fill the field. That night about 150 people gave their lives to the Lord and to this day, this is a personal worship highlight to me. No matter what, the presence of Jesus will always break through darkness and even the hardest of hearts.

4. My last one I want to share about is seeing others succeed and step into who God has called them to be. I will never forget the first time I saw Chloe Brennt lead her song “Another Wave”. She sowed faithfully in the secret place with the Lord, and one of the greatest moments is watching her rise into the woman God is calling her to be for this generation. I personally have encountered the Lord multiple times when she leads her songs. It is an incredible experience to be apart of someone’s journey and than to encounter the Lord through their leadership as they grow and than disciple those around them.

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