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Worship leader Lindy Conant turned heads earlier this year when her latest release, Every Nation (buy), hit No. 1 on the Billboard Christian charts as an independent artist without any retail distribution. The word-of-mouth power about Lindy’s powerful worship refrains spread like wildfire after she’s played hundreds of college campuses through her work with Youth With A Mission.

Even as she continues to lead others in worship gatherings all over the country, we asked Lindy about the most powerful worship experiences in her own history. She graciously agreed.

1. My first favorite worship experience was one I had when I went to Youth With a Mission in 2007. I was doing a discipleship training school, and during the teaching time the person from the front said they wanted to start by playing a video. This video was “How He Loves” by Kim Walker. I was undone!

I can honestly say I was never the same after that. I felt a freedom hit my heart like I had never known before. It was as if a box was broken over my head and heart, and I was able to encounter God in a way I had not yet known. Courage filled my heart to believe an entire generation could experience God’s love this way. That video ruined me for the ordinary.

2. Before The Call Azusa happened, the Circuit Riders took part in a 40-day fast with The Call team from August to October 2015. During these 40 days we met in a small room at the University of Southern California. The worship that took place each night marked my heart and the hearts of all who engaged in this set apart time together.


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