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With his latest album Serve Somebody (smlxl/Gotee, July 7, 2017—buy) comprising other’s material, some might question the warrant of a CCM cover… To that we ask, “What better covers project to represent a cover than our current cover artist, Kevin Max?!”

After all, with one of (if not the) most recognizable, talented, and distinctive voices in the history of our industry, Max makes any song his very own. Whether belting out dc Talk classics, crooning his 80s-infused pop-rock, or recording his own takes on everything from David Bowie to Bob Dylan to Rich Mullins, Kevin does things his way (thank you, Mr. Sinatra), and for that we’ve always been thankful.

Celebrating his golden birthday this year, the almost-fifty year-old Max admits that he feels like he’s never been more creative (scary), and he, for sure, won’t be missing the boat this month as dc Talk, along with other founding members Toby McKeehan and Michael Tait, briefly interrupt their fifteen-plus year intermission to perform on their own Jesus Freak Cruise. But even the most enigmatic of artists in their gifted prime had to stop and reflect upon his life, and the role of the One who has the world in His hands.

Frank Sinatra‘s “My Way” is one of my favorite songs. I love the idea, but that’s not how God created us. God created us to need Him,” says the now father of four. “Surrendering to that need has definitely brought out a lot of great material for me.” Perhaps its fitting, then, that his newest single, an original song called “Plans,” will lead the charge surrounding the release of this latest covers collection. Max explains the timely meaning of that song, his new EP—yes, dc Talk—and what may lie ahead in this cover Q&A with Kevin. Kevin Max.

CCM Magazine: You’ve stated, “I don’t have an agenda for what I do from project to project. I write a lot of what comes to my head, but that is taking from life experiences…” So, why a strictly covers project for right now?
Kevin Max: This is my third covers project. I made a covers album back in mid-2000s called The Blood (buy). That was a full album of gospel and blues covers. Then I did a record just two years ago called Starry Eyes Surprise (buy). That’s a full album of 80s songs, classic crooner songs. I like to mix it up. I’ve got so much original music happening right now in my own studio that I’ve written the past two years, I could release four or five different albums right now [laugh], but I just have to pace myself. I go off of what I’m feeling like in the moment.


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