CCM: [Laughs] Maybe there you’ll discover three or four more dc Talk albums that were recorded that you guys didn’t know anything about?
KM: Exactly. I’m a cup half-full kind-of guy. I just always think the best of things. After the rehearsal, I felt amazing. We’re still doing all the stuff we did back in the day. Michael and I are still hitting the notes. Toby sounds great. The band sounds incredible. It’s almost like we just stepped right back into it. It was a very familiar feeling, it just moved seamlessly—Toby and I were just talking about that. We had no idea what it would sound like. After the second day of rehearsals, we were like, “My goodness, this sounds just as good, if not better than what we were doing in the 90s.” I’m extremely hopeful.

CCM: Can we expect anything official to come out of the cruise for the fans at-large who won’t have a chance to be present on the ship?
At the rehearsals, Toby expressed how he’s just happy to be in the moment right now, not looking too far behind, not looking too far into the future—just happy to be doing this with his friends. I couldn’t agree more. The reason dc Talk was even together in the first place was friendship. The fact that we’re all doing this together on the boat somewhere in the middle of nowhere is a testament to our friendship. Our friendship is still in tact. I feel like there will be something in the future. I can’t speak about what’s specifically right around the corner, because there’s nothing definitive yet, just some ideas. There’s definitely some really cool opportunities.

We’re all kind-of looking at it like, “What makes sense for us right now?” Toby and I both have really large families. Obviously, Michael Tait is on the road all the time. It’s just [the challenge of] putting all of those things together. I’m making albums every four months [laughs]. Toby is continuing to make albums, in fact, he’s making his new album now. It’s just a scheduling scenario, but all agree, “Let’s come together when we can, and make something cool work.” That’s why I’m hopeful, because after these rehearsals, we felt like we were a band again—which is awesome.

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CCM: We noticed that you’re making an acoustic version of Stereotype Be (buy), but you’re also talking about making a lot of new music…what’s the game plan on new original music?
Yes, definitely. I’m probably about halfway through with writing a brand new album, completely original. I do have a single that’s going to radio stations on July 7, 2017 called “Plans,” a song I had written that song a couple of years back with Seth Mosley and Mia Fieldes. It’s a real pop-radio type song that was birthed out of sending it to a friend as a gift—just a demo I was never going to release. She said, “The Holy Spirit spoke to me when I heard that song. The meaning behind that song is very obvious that God has plans for us, plans to prosper us, plans not to destroy us but to help us.


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