The beautiful thing about that idea is that this resistance actually leads to freedom; that my being completely bound to God gives me the most happiness I can enjoy in this world. A place where no one’s judgment ultimately defines who I am because ultimately, God is my only judge. I don’t need the salvation of a president, the salvation of a politician, or the salvation of anyone person for that matter, because my salvation has already been secured.

CCM: Perhaps the most memorable song on the album is “The Art Of Drifting.” Do you mind sharing the story behind that track?
The song’s actually inspired from a dream that I had. If you listen in the first verse, it says, “I had a dream last night, this is what I saw.” I embellish the story a lot in the song, but in the dream, I just experienced this sort-of apathy for God and Church, and my music just became a business. I literally woke up in tears. My wife had left me. My kids were gone. Luckily (in reality), I was at home, so my wife was next to me, so when I woke up I actually hugged her, because the dream scared me.

I went on to write that song because, the fact of the matter is, that drift is so subtle. We’re all experiencing drift on some level, and God-forbid you open your eyes, and you’re so far from the shore and trying to figure out where to pick up the pieces. That song is really speaking to, first and foremost, the fear of drift in my own life. Then, it’s also a challenge to the Christian music industry—no doubt, it’s so easy for us to forget Who we’re doing all of this for. I said that on a for KING & COUNTRY song: “We get so busy doing Your work that we forgot Who we’re working for.” In that respect, it’s also a call to repentance because a lot of things that I wrote in that song are true to what many people are experiencing, including myself.

KB, CCM Magazine - image

photo: Mary Caroline Russel

CCM: How do you, KB, protect yourself against that drift?
I’m going to be 100-percent honest with you. I don’t even care that this is a Christian magazine, I’ll say what I would say to anyone: the Bible. Period. I remember hearing it early in my Christian walk, “This book will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from this book.” Through all of the phases where, “This is boring. I don’t understand any of this. I don’t want anything to do with it,” or, “I just would rather get on Instagram or Twitter,” it’s fighting through all of that.


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