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Depending on how you look at it, the title to Jeremy Camp’s newest album, The Answer (Capitol CMG, Oct. 6, 2017—buy), could be a little misleading. Make no mistake, however, Camp doesn’t pretend to have a solution to some of life’s biggest questions. In fact, before the title track was even conceived, if you were to ask Camp to summarize what this entire project was really all about, he may not have even been able to give a clear answer?

And speaking of “The Answer,” the single wasn’t so much birthed as it was a gift from God, as the now-seasoned singer-songwriter might say. “I thought I was done with the record, but a friend and I decided to write just for fun. It’s six o’clock at night and he says, ‘Let’s go back to that one we were messing around with earlier. We’ll work on it for five minutes, if we don’t feel it and the Spirit’s not in it, we’ll stop,’” recalls Camp.

“As soon as we started, we immediately began to sense the Holy Spirit at work. The song was done in an hour, I sang it, and it’s the same vocal track you hear on the recording—I didn’t need to change a thing.” But this story goes much deeper than just solidifying an album’s concept, marketing plan, and lead single in one culminating evening. Now fathering a teenager (yes, folks, Camp’s recording career itself is now in its fifteenth year!) and fielding some real-world questions in his own home—amid the seemingly non-stop, crazy demands as an internationally sought-after touring artist coupled with news headlines that dominate the world we all share–Camp rediscovers that the answer to, well, everything simply rests in Jesus Christ.

So the previous spoiler alert doesn’t shut this article down before it starts, we asked Jeremy Camp to answer a few questions of our own with, of course, a little extra commentary.

CCM Magazine: Time flies…you’re now a father to a teenager. How has living into that both impacted your spiritual walk and spoken into the music you’re currently making?
Jeremy Camp: For sure. As my kids get older, they’re starting to ask real questions, which I’m thankful for. Just the other day, my daughter came up to me and said, “Dad, I lost my faith in prayer.” She’s at that age where she’s really beginning to “think.” So, I was like, “Okay, what’s going on?”


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