Jaime Masetta Shares the Story Behind the Album for Her New Project What Love Looks Like!

“Not soon after the release of my EP Stages of Hope the quarantine went into full swing and I guess you could say I did too. I spent a lot of time writing songs and brainstorming a new concept for a full-length album. I had this idea of it being authentic, different, and vulnerable. After a few meetings with my producer, Jerroll Lehman, we came up with this idea that several of the songs I had written definitely emphasized God’s love. This is where the title What Love Looks Like came from.

Honestly, I think there are two big concepts that went into this album. The main one being about how God shows his love in different ways and the other, more hidden meaning, is that you can worship Him in any setting and in any style. Not just in a church or with traditional praise and worship music. This album has a few of those traditional songs and I love those songs, but it also has some jazzy and bluesy songs, some mellow ballad songs, and some really fun upbeat ones. I’d like to think of this album as just a smorgasbord of songs for any mood.

I want to talk about three specific songs on my album that mean a lot to me. The song “Overwhelmed” has a fun, almost 80’s feel with some synth and is one of the more upbeat songs on the album. The song is all about being absolutely in awe of God and His presence and unending glory. I wrote this song while thinking of what it was like leading praise and worship. I remember one specific moment leading worship, stepping away from the mic and just letting the people sing. I was so… well, overwhelmed with how God was touching their hearts. While I was thinking of this moment, not only did I feel His presence, but I realized how much I missed worshipping with others. I guess you could say this song is also a little tribute to all the worship leaders out there who haven’t been able to lead and bring God to others through music.

Another song that I deeply love from this album is called “Universe Bows Down.” This was one of the first songs I had written for this album. I had this lyric running in my head “you’re the God of a trillion stars” and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. It’s a title for God that I feel is so fitting because it shows His immense power. He created the stars and even though there are more than a trillion, I just love this title so much. I’ve always been fascinated by space and our universe. I love the studies of the planets, stars, and galaxies so I wanted to write a song that reflected the magnificence and beauty of our universe.

The next song, “Masks,” is actually a big favorite in my family. I don’t know if I’m allowed to play favorites or not, but this one would definitely be up there! Even though the song is called “Masks” I did not name it that because of COVID-19. This song is about identity and who God calls us to be versus what we are trying to be. I think this song is a bit different from the others in the way it sounds. I’m a big fan of listening to Lo-Fi music while I work on things or just to relax. I wanted this song to have a similar sound so it’s got some awesome electric piano to bring that to light. There are a couple of songs on this album that I wrote while I felt the most vulnerable and in need of God’s guidance and love. This is definitely one of those songs.

2020 made me doubt as I’m sure it did for a lot of us. I doubted God’s love for me and even more so, I doubted myself and if I was good enough to be in this career. I felt like part of myself was trying to be someone I wasn’t and so I wrote this song to reflect that. As I was writing it, I realized that all God wants is for me to be what He created me to be… authentically myself. I wrote about that realization in the song in the hopes people can see that for themselves. I think this song addresses a very real situation we find ourselves in.

All in all, this album has a song for every mood and every worship setting. I hope that everyone loves it as much as I do! The single from the album will drop to radio and digital outlets on February 15. The full album release is scheduled for March 5.”

—Jaime Masetta

Check out the title track ‘What Love Looks Like’:

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