Every year a limited number of people get the chance to say they became a finalist for American Idol. For Dylan Arms, it was more than an opportunity. It was a journey from shy kid who plays music at church to performing artist and charismatic leader.

With a new EP, Take Me Higher, Dylan will remain rooted in his church in South Carolina, but he’s a good bet to break out with his strong vocal and memorable pop songs. It’s a journey that might have started with the show, but Dylan’s taking the reigns himself and moving forward with the gift he’s been given.

CCM: Can you tell me about your music career before trying out for American Idol?

Dylan Arms: I began playing music when I was 10 years old, and writing music at 15. Prior to American Idol, I was singing in local churches and leading worship at my home church in Taylors, South Carolina. I spent most of my time working on the craft of songwriting and performing.

CCM: What did you learn from your experience on the show?

Dylan: American Idol was an incredible experience. It forced me to get out of my box of the life I had known. Prior to that, I was a quiet, shy kid with a dream. The show shot me into the spotlight and has given me countless opportunities to perform to mass audiences and to be heard around the world.

CCM: You have a new EP out. What are the hopes for you, musically, heading into 2014?

Dylan: My hope is to continually develop my craft in music as a guitar player, vocalist and songwriter so that I’m able to better relate my music to those who will listen to it. I want to make people feel something when they listen to a song that I’ve written and hear the heart behind my voice.

Growing up as a shy and quiet kid, music has been my outlet where I’m able to be heard and find comfort in a crowd where there is usually fear. By pushing and bettering myself in music, I’m also able to push and better myself as a person.


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