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There’s no questioning Heather Schnoor’s integrity. When she sings of being “all in,” she knows well what she’s referencing.

This year, the classically trained singer and school teacher is making the leap into music full-time, an impulse to not only follow her dream but obey a calling that’s firmly rooted in her earliest childhood memories. All In (buy) is her latest release, a short set of inspirational songs armed with immediate hooks and the current independent artist should have plenty of offers in good time.

We recently caught up with one of our favorite emerging artists to hear about her journey to this point and how she feels about stepping out into the unknown.

CCM Magazine: We’d love to give readers a sense of your own musical background. Do you have a lot of musical memories from growing up?
Heather Schnoor: All of my family is musical. My great-grandfather and my grandfather had a band and did the weekend thing back in Nebraska. They actually did well and my grandfather was asked to audition for The Lawrence Welk Show back in the day. He was a self-taught singer and saxophone player. Then my father played the drums and sings. My aunt plays the piano. My mom also played the piano growing up. Everyone is pretty musical.

When I think back to growing up, music was the one thing going on all of the time. Everyone was always singing and dancing. It was just a full-on concert in our house all of the time. It still is. Any time we get together, that’s what happens. That’s why we’re all deaf, because we all listen to music so loud. [Laughs]


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