Tuesday night, March 29, 2016, PureFlix and the historic Franklin Theatre in Franklin, TN hosted the most recent red carpet and premiere of the new movie God’s Not Dead 2. The sequel to the original God’s Not Dead film that began a movement in 2014, features the Newsboys single “Guilty” from their new album Love Riot (FairTrade Services, Mar. 4, 2014) along with actors Melissa Joan Hart (Melissa & Joey, Clarissa Explains It All), Jesse Metcalfe (Dead Rising, Dallas), Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Sadie Robertson (Duck Dynasty), among others including Newsboys’ silver screen debut.

God’s Not Dead 2 opens in theatres everywhere tonight, April 1, 2016.

CCM Magazine took the opportunity to catch up with Newsboys on the red carpet, here are a few snippets from Tuesday evening:
> Click the “play” button above to hear Newsboys front man Michael Tait and keyboardist Jeff Frankenstein‘s reaction when they first heard there was going to be a God’s Not Dead sequel

WATCH: Michael Tait on the song “Guilty”

WATCH: Duncan Phillips on being on the big screen

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