Granger Smith Talks ‘Moonrise’ Film and Album

Country music singer, YouTube personality, and now actor Granger Smith talked to Brandon Woolum about his new PureFlix film ‘Moonrise,’ the album of the same name, the challenges of his acting debut, being open about his faith, and more.

A Conversation with Anthem Lights

The guys from Anthem Lights stopped by the CCM Cafe to talk to us about their new animated series on PureFlix, how they found success after being dropped from their label, the mash-ups, and more!

DREAM Label Group Partners with

DREAM Label Group has announced that it has become the first Christian music label to provide its featured music and live video content on the streaming VOD platform
I'm Not Ashamed, Abigail Duhon, CCM Magazine - image

Being a teen martyr in America: Are you ready?

I wake up in the morning, sometimes struggling to get out of bed cause I’m just worn out from yesterday. My little sisters may already be awake and grumpy until mom gets them breakfast. Cartoons are blaring f...