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As Katy Crawford gets the word out about her debut full-length, Our Love Story (buy), it’d be easy to gloss over a background that’s much more impressive and extensive as you might realize. The worship leader makes Texas her home, but she’s fluent in French and even released a French worship EP in 2015 after witnessing the need firsthand for gospel-centric songs in French speaking countries.

With Our Love Story, she brings that same Christ-centered focus to bear on a new set of songs (in English) that mix her strong vocal ability with musical influences like Alison Krauss and Ella Fitzgerald. Katy graciously answered a few questions for us recently for our latest Getting To Know feature.

CCM Magazine: Someone who is new to your music might see the newest release, Our Love Story, and that you’re a worship leader in Texas and think they have the full story. But you actually released a French language worship EP not that long ago too. Can we start there and work our way forward? How did that come about?
Katy Crawford:
Actually, it all started when I was 8-years-old, when I started to learn French in school. No one in my family spoke French, and I grew up in Texas, so aside from some distant family lineage and my dad having taken French in high school, the fact that my school offered French seemed to be happenstance. As I grew up, nearly every school I attended offered French as well.

It wasn’t until I was 15 that the Lord revealed the reason behind all those years of French learning. My dad is a pastor, and when I was 15, he was invited by a French pastor to come minister at his church outside of Paris. From that point on, I was blessed to accompany my dad and our ministry teams at least once a year to France and other French-speaking countries to help with the language barrier.


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